Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Angel Girl…

It was an accidental meeting. Quite accidental. I met a girl but I like to call her Angel… flying seraph… with white wings….smiling face…..

During my childhood, it was my great poignancy that I am missing a younger sister. When I am looking my acquaintances; I felt sadness in inner mind when watching- they are playing with their sisters.

School and college life were passed swiftly and the question of existence came to the threshold of life – searching of job. I had searched for a job and won the race of searching. But my search for a younger sister never ends…… There was lot of girls in the premises of life… friends, collogues, classmates….  but  very difficult to get my ambitious girl.

When sky and earth covered with darkness, I like to look at the blinking white spots of the sky. The stars…. Its blinking and moving towards earth. Yes! its really amazing to watch the Angels in between the stars….  with white, smooth and sweet touch to my eyes. Soothing sounds to my ears…!  Darkness and nights really making feast to my eyes and mind.

Years and years…my mind is ticking to see that Angel Girl! An Angel like my younger sister !

Finally I decided to throw my waiting for the Angel Girl…. I know it is a notorious dream of my mind unable to materialize at all !! So the frozen dream cornered in the mind finally.

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One day, in the middle of fires and flames of work,  I am sitting in a lazy mood in a fire-rated cabin of my office. Suddenly I noticed that my brother came online. I just asked him about new project and works…. But no reply. ‘Its better to close the chat window’ I thought. But immediately the reply came from his end “I am not your brother”

Its really amazing! My brother’s Id says its not his words… Suddenly my mind gone to another chance. May be somebody hacked his id..??!!

“Then who are you” I replied immediately. She told her name. She came to my brother’s home to check something in net. But accidentally his email was open and she simply replied my words. Its simple, no hacking… hampering.

I asked something about her. She is an engineering student. I told her to come to her id. She obeyed.

My memory gone little back… ten years back. It was the busiest days of church programmes. All were busy with competitions, conventions, Christmas, New Year celebrations, Sunday school etc. In that tenure was also a Sunday school teacher and still remembering at least some faces of my students. This girl is one of my student ! Now she is in Engineering, but I felt the same rhythm of that smiling girl in mind.      

Gradually we started sharing life, work, thoughts etc. It’s a great experience in life. She is anxious to explain the life of youth in metros and temptations in life. We discussed different subjects. She is near to complete the Engineering but like to be a journalist. When I heard that, some kind of pain passed through my heart. Because it was my one and only ambition during my graduation-be a journalist. Some chances are slipped from me like cup and lip. Then that dream had frozen in the corner of mind in the cold tussles of life.

One day I asked her about our relation. She told first “we will be a good friends”
“no” I corrected nip in the bud. “you are my younger sister !!”  My mind is embraced again with the same buried concept !!

I know she never thought about this. Nobody told her like this ! But I told… because she was the same Angel Girl in my mind !!?? With smiling face and white wings….. flying though the sky, in the darkness of earth….  with  the limelight of smile.

She accepted it. With pleasure. Yes, the same smiling Sunday school student. She talked about her parents, brother, friends….  and other end myself heard everything and replied indeed.

One day I asked her to jot-down something about her. With a happy mood she accepted my idea. But it was a great puzzle and hurdle from where to start? How to end? But finally I recognized myself.. There is no beginning or end for this relation. May be upto the end of life.

As per her dream, she will complete the Engineering with a great percentage of mark then will join for journalism. Then will begin to earn money and after getting an independent stand…. the  marriage. Its life. Is it possible  her to remember me in the long and challenging  arena of Metro life?

But I can not forget her. The Angel Girl…. with blinking wings, smiling face…. flying from heaven to sky….  from sky to earth…..  from earth to my mind. Yes! in the darkness…. In between the stars and moon.

My eyes are creating the paths for drops of water… the frozen part of love in mind is melting down! This is the love for my unborn little and younger sister. The pampering touch of  brother to her dimple, the soothing sound of a sister to the life.

The Angel Girl …. The Dream… The Truth…..


  1. thank you so much joycha....u r really sweet..thanx so much for all the love,care and concern u show me...and the article is simply awesome...the use of phrases and the realm of imagination has been extended to a huge makes a lovely read..a million cheers to u..really great job!

  2. Mary...
    Treat this as my Xmas Gift to you...
    Joy Daniel

  3. yes..thank you with all my heart!