Sunday, August 11, 2013

How Boss Download a File...

Once upon a time, there was an office in Middle East and I was there, just on track of work by sipping a black coffee.

My boss came and rushed to his cabin. On that short span of entry and rush, he called me to his cabin and advised me to download an urgent PDF file from his gmail (no wonder, still some bosses don’t know how to operate email, download and upload the attachment!!).

I knocked and entered his cabin.

He typed ‘’. I got little bit confusion and asked him.
“Sir, your email id is in gmail or yahoo?”
“It is gmail only. Don’t ask me question OK.. listen what I say” he murmured.
“But sir for gmail, you have to type”
“ I know how to go to gmail… don’t try to teach me OK??”
“Yes sir”
My eyes enlarged because he is going to open his yahoo mail from gmail ! I got little bit confusion because what all I know is yahoo and gmail are opponents and still a good percentage of their energy is burning in the arena of  IT tussle. There is any chance for merging these two global tycoons? Oh my God! When it happened? I blamed myself for my poor IT update. OK, let us see what  is going on here. I sharpened my eyes to his laptop.

He typed, yahoo web site appeared and again typed ‘google’ in the search column and clicked on ‘search’. I got interest due to the method he is using to reach gmail. Yes ! The website with four colour google logo appeared in front of us.  Then he had given a hard click on ‘Gmail’. No wonder, Gmail page is appeared before us! And he stared me and produced a mocking sound as well.
“See, how easily I reached Gmail.... You people don’t know anything and company is simply paying”

I cannot say Yes or No because it will invite a devil and sea situation. Sometime, silence is the better answer to soothe ourselves.

He instructed me to close my eyes few minutes.  I wonder what happened to this gentleman. Nobody will pray or salute computer before open email. Then from my half closed eye lid, I peeped to him with an utmost curiosity. That moment, I thought an incident in the Genesis (Bible). God asked Adam do not eat the forbidden fruit (Some cynics says it was our Apple, the same stuff which had fall down to Sir Isaac Newton’s head and finally he got enlightenment like Gautama Budha under papal tree and found the rule of gravity and we reiterated the phrase ‘an apple a day will keep the Doctor saab away’ – what an idea Sirji !!) Finally I got his intention. He is going to enter his gmail password (as per his character and computer parameter, I can bet you that his password shall be his name or his employee number!).

“Open your eyes” he ordered me and naturally and swiftly the other pessimistic dialogue delivered from his mouth “why you are tightly closing your eyes?”
“Ok Sir, next time I will not close my eyes tightly...”
“OK, now tell me how to download the PDF attachment”

I just clicked on the attachment and requested him to click on ‘download’. Within minutes, our  download completed and the pop-up window disappeared.

“Where is that document??” As he has to comply with his designation, he starts shouting to me.
“Sir, it is there in  your laptop”
“Where?  I cannot see … its gone… what you had done with that document?? You don’t know how to download a single document?”

I was a big sinner few minutes. Then again politely I muttered
“Sir, it is there in your laptop”
“Where?  I cannot see anything?”

I told him to go to ‘C’ drive and open ‘download’ folder and open the last file downloaded. He opened that PDF file and given a print command (Yes, God’s grace, he pressed CTRL+P and then OK).

Before I leave his cabin, once again my boss advised me.

“See you guys don’t know how to download a simple file from email. I have to teach you this also, then how I can recommend you for any increment, promotion and incentive?”

I left the cabin. Boss is right, always right and hundred and ten per cent right. He discovered (better to tell invented something).

Openly says, at that juncture, an inevitable smile from air get in touch with my cheeks and danced in my face.