Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Printing Photographs

Everybody know working in a contracting field, especially in subcontracting field is very tough job due the pace of Projects and these days Companies are getting Projects on fast track basis.

Tension, pressure…. again tension, pressure. Buildings are escalating along with the human pressure.

But in the middle of all the pressure filled arenas, sometimes we will get tips to smile and occasionally laugh as well.  Yes! It happened couple of days back at my office.

(Let me complete my laugh first…. Then I will start……!!)

It was a Thursday. I am little bit busy, because I have lot of schedules to complete before week end.

It is a story of a camera. If you are working in a construction field, no need to ask you the importance of camera, date stamped photos for depicting different stages of progress, inspection, observations, NCRs. We have three digital cameras at Office which is regularly taking by our Foreman, Supervisors and Engineers for taking daily progress photos and notify the damages, irregular installations etc.

On that busy morning, one of our Foremen appeared in front of me and politely asked the camera for taking some snaps from Site. He entered his name in the camera log, signed and disappeared from office. OK good, I engaged and continued in my works.

After thirty minutes, the same Foreman came back like a protagonist in the fairy tale. His face was pale and looks little bit disappointed. What happened to this Professional Photographer? I thought and my eyes splashed to his pale face quickly.

“Bhai, this camera is not working..!!”

“ Not working?? Jesus…. You damaged this costly camera??”

“No Sir, I am not damaged (see the transformation of Bhai to Sir – yes,  fear will invite some respect indeed !)…. It’s not working because there is not battery inside the camera !!??”

No battery??  Camera without battery? I stared him one minute and slowly I noticed that Officeboy keeping that ill fated battery for charging.

“My friend, why you taken this camera without battery?” Instead of admitting my mistake, I just asked him a question with a overflowing smile on my face. Poor guy, he need to go back again to take the photo !

Mere ko kya malum??.... I thought battery was there”

“ Ok, take the stuff and bring it fast, because others will come and ask the camera now”

“Hmm… I will come back within thirty minutes” The fairy tale protagonist disappeared from my vista.

Again I fall down in my work. Checking  my MS Outlook for incoming emails and forwarding to the concerned.


A sound like the cry of an animal given some shock to my ear drums. Again same Foreman?

“You finished photos session?... Ok give me the camera back”

“No…. how I can take photo.. this camera again not working?”

“Again? Now what happened? Did you checked it properly?

“Yah.. I checked, the display shows No memory card…!!”

“No memory card?  Who taken that memory card?... you know the cost of 8 GB Memory Card?

Mereko kya malum? Memory card was not there?!”

Really? Where it gone? I called Officeboy to check the source of memory card. He told the memory card is with other Engineer who it taking printouts of the photos.

“Dheko.. Dheko… that is why memory card is not in camera! “ He yelled. Yes, you are correct. I told myself and asked Officeboy to fetch memory card and give to him.

Great! Our hero went to Site again (It is fifth floor in the building – so you can imagine how much he cursed me or himself !)

You, my may now thinking this is the end of my week story. No, it is just beginning or half way only.

After thirty minutes the hero came back from Site. Now his face is glittering like a fullmoon in the night. He handed over the camera to me and requested me the colour prints of his professional photography. All right, it is quite natural, because the colour printer is only connected to my PC.

I had connected digital camera to my computer and all the photos in the folder appeared in my monitor. I asked him which print he wants. He stared to the monitor again and again. I can guess he got some problem with the small size photos. I enlarged the photos, but still he got some confusion to recognize the photos.

“My friend, you only taken last photos,  out of these snaps, which you want to take print?”

“No, these are not my photos…”

“Then, where is your photo?  Now don’t tell me “Mereko kya malum OK..?”  He given a strange look on me to defend my question.

“See.. this one”

“This one…?  My friend, it is not photo, this is some videos, you need the print out of your photo or video”

Now he is really confused. Where are the photos I had taken now? Missing somewhere? But where?
I just clicked on the last few video files. My media played pop-up in the monitor. Just one second video and same four videos are there.

“Yes, this.. this is my photos!!” He yelled again like a victorious warrior in the battle field.

“But my Dhosth.. these are video files, how I make print-out?  impossible”

“Sir, it is very urgent, you already know how many times I shuttled from Site to Office. How can I go again and do the same work? If it is not clear, no problem, just give me the print. Otherwise, I don’t want in colour, at least give me black and white print-outs”

Print-out of this one second video? What an idea Sirji?  I laughed myself, but our hero is really serious. He is requesting, again and finally started begging for print-out of that so called Video !  He wants to get the print-out at any cost either colour or black and white. Why it happened? I thought myself. May be in a hurry mood, he mistakenly changed the mode of camera from photo to video.

“My dear… it is impossible to take print out of this videos. You go, take photos and come back, then  only I can give print out.. OK?”

“ This is very, very urgent, Engineer wants to show this to Consultant, I don’t have time to spare again, at any cost you have to give me the print-out”

I am in a dilemma now. How I can convey the message to this person? He is thinking I just want to avoid him and giving some silly excuses. He is not in a mood to leave my cabin. Finally I asked him one question.

“Bhai Saab…. If you are going to watch a movie and after movie, can you ask theater owner the print out of the stuff you watched?”

“No” He answered.

“Same way, how can you ask the print-out of a video ?”

My verbal illustration changed his face. He smiled and later laughed.

“Hmm… the print out of video is not possible.. correct….”

He left the cabin for another round to Site. I hope now he can at least take the real photo !

Lesson-01 : Check any device properly before use, otherwise it will waste your time.
Lesson-02 : Check any devise properly before you give someone, it will save your time.