Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Devil's Visit

Have you ever been visited by the Devil?

Funny question, isn’t it? But Devil visited me, that also in Facebook and he had chat with me as well! Now, how is it?

It was a Sunday night. Temperature and humidity is in peak at outside. Unlike Fridays, Devils are visiting us any day, at any time!

That day, I reached room very tired from the arena of work. I Switched on my computer and while going through ‘Likes’ and ‘comments’, I got a red square friend request in Facebook. As usual, before accepting, I peeped into the details of that Friend. Even though he is a stranger, his childish photo looks charming and innocent.  After checking his profile and friends list, I was much satisfied, because most of his friends are my parish members at Mumbai.

Without any further hesitation, I accepted his request.

Few minutes passed. A ping of Facebook Messenger on my mobile deviate my attention.  It is him, my new Friend. I stared on mobile and I got a surprise message from him “who are you?”

What happened to him? Did he send that friend request without checking my profile? Strange. Then I replied “You send the request and asking me?” I just smiled and typed one more lines to him “OK… I reveal,  am brother of Abraham, your Church Secretary”

“Oh… you are uncle or Jackson Abraham” he expressed his curiosity “Yes of course..”  I replied. Then I passed through a speedy question and answer session.

“Are you staying in Dubai?” (he asked)
“Yes of course”

“Where is your family?”
“In India… I sent them back”

“So you are alone in Dubai”
“Yes Roshan” (no doubt, that is his name)

Then he sent me some symbols of smile, laugh and curiosity. But my curiosity has been vanished swiftly from his next question?

“What you are wearing now?”
“What you mean?”

“What you are wearing?” It kept me silent for minutes. Yes, it’s not a spelling mistake, he asked it twice. Why he is asking such a question? His intention is …………..?? Then I asked him another question.

“Wear???  What you want to wear??”
“Nothing !!” (fast reply)

Hmm. Now my doubt is clear. I got his intention. 17 years old plus two student is trying to take me to another world which I vehemently hate. Along with the ticking of my heart, blood circulations in my veins are amplified.

In my room, in this loneliness, I badly felt the presence of Devil in the form of a teenager. Its looks like the Temptation from Satan in desert? *

“What is your hobby?” (his message pinged again)
“Music” (My reply was only partial) Then I asked him another question
“What about you?”
“I like to have fun with men !”

Fun? First time in my life, yes, first time of course the word  f u n brought some kind of deprecation in my mind.

“What kind of fun?” (Sure, he will feel I am a fool who cannot understand the meaning of fun)
“Any type of FUN!”

Now the fun is in capital letter. I can feel that my face muscles are shrinking and heart is boosting the circulation of blood.

Really I felt bad and want to desert my chatting session with a Devil, but I asked.

“My friend, do you know the age difference between you and me?” Then I stared on laptop screen for his response. Silence…. Few minute silence. I asked again.

“Do you have any brother or sister? And what is the age of your father?” Well, now he responded.

“Sorry… I am just kidding !!”  

“Roshan, you have to reply to my question first OK?”
“Yes, I have elder brother ….. I am just joking, you taken it serious !”

He is not answered me properly and thinking it is my mistake to misunderstood a genuine person! The angle of conversation is turning around! And he typed some more words.

“Sorry…. I am just kidding.. don’t take it  serious…. getting sleep.. bye” I got angry and annoyed to myself but controlled. Now I don’t know how to respond him, but I replied.

“My son, if you ask this question to your elder brother or father and later telling them ‘I am just kidding’, what should be their response?”

Utter silence. No reply. Again I typed.

“You have some serious problem my friend. You are just in +1 and somebody manipulated your mind totally. Do you know, you are in the hands of Devil? If you continue, you would be in a serious trouble, not later … very soon”

Silence….. No response at all.

“Please change your mind. Talk your problem with your parents or somebody responsible in your home. You need counseling…. otherwise Devil will defeat and manipulate you totally”

Again silence…. no response. But still he is active in Facebook. I don’t know what he is feeling now. May be shouting in mind, or blaming himself for the moment he started chatting with me.
I checked his profile once more. He is only 17 years. Lot of photos he posted in his Facebook.  Sitting with parents, standing with elder sister, participating at school programme, but I didn’t find any photos of his elder brother!

I closed my eyes few minutes. I need some water.

When water passing from throat to stomach, my heart is vibrating with pathetic shock. It is really Devil?

In few seconds, I gone back to the ages I passed, from childhood to adolescence. I never got such a shocking session with anybody. Never ever a person asked such nasty things in my entire life!

What happened to our youth? Lack of education? Money? Facilities? Food? No, nothing.  They are not deficit any such thing.  Parents are eager to materialize most of their ambition and dreaming big up to the sky about the future of their child. Who is manipulating our youth? Parents? Society? Friends? Verdict of courts? Genetic or hormonal stuff? Where they de-railing and collapsing?

How he dare to ask such things to a person directly, just after few clicks of friendship? Strange!

Chatting window is not ticking.  Silence, but he is still active.  Most of his friends in Facebook are my friend as well.  My mind s vibrating with anger.  I cannot accept any Lesbian, Gay-Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Theory.  It is vulgar to the mind and taboo to the society.  It is against the law of nature and the law of creation.

How to save Roshan from the hands of Devil?  This is the question arose in my mind that moment.  Whether I have to inform this to his father or our parish priest?  His teachers or relatives?  Yes, all are active in Facebook.

We are discussing lot about the impact of social media and networks which spoiling our society.  The reckless usage of facilities damaging the family rhythm as well.  Plenty of Sermon of the Mount**, but no action, reaction or execution.  Lot of useful energies is wasting in front of computer and an addicted generation is growing in front of us. Bookshops and libraries are closing one by one and smart phones and tablet business is in rush.  We heard ‘an apple a day will keep the doctor away’.  But now, our generation is learning Apple (iPhone) and Blackberry will keep our relations away.  Kitkat, Jellybean, ice-cream Sandwich, Gingerbread, Froyo (Andorid Operating Systems); all edible stuffs are in our finger tips to control us.

One question haunting me now.  How to release Roshan from the hands of Devil? How and when? May be this rescue operation is like climbing a mountain and I don’t know whether I will succeed or not.  But sure, something is better than nothing.

Without any hesitation I blocked Roshan in Facbebook.

Naturally, I am blessed with Goddess of sleep at night.  But that Sunday, in my bed, She is reluctant to come and embrace me.


This is a true story.  Only names have been changed. Thanks to my friends who expressed curiosity after watching my status in FB.

* The Temptation of Christ: After 40 day-night fasting, Satan appeared in front of Jesus and tempted him.  Jesus refused each temptation and later Satan departed and angles come to nourish Jesus (New Testament-Gospel of Mathew, Mark & Luke)

** Sermon of the Mount:  Moral teaching of Jesus referred in Mathew Ch. 5,6 & 7

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