Monday, June 9, 2014

Book Review : In Course of True Love…. I am left with nothing!

Upon receipt of Sanjeev Ranjan’s debut book from Amazon, my spouse asked ‘what is the real meaning of this title?’. Her question is quite natural, because ladies are constantly interested in true love either from her husband, parents, sibling or boyfriend. I modestly replied her “I can’t tell until I read the book”

Aarush, a boy from a middle class family at Siwan (Bihar) got 90.8 % in his 10th board exam. In the beginning, onboard the bus from Bokaro to Siwan (his return trip after study); Arush’s memories has been going back to school days.  Arush feel that his mother not loving him much because every time she degrades him and still after exam result, she says the percentage is ‘less than we hoped’. After exam he is going to Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Bokaro and the entire plot is occur in his plus two days.

Book is staring at the end point, means the entire story is mere a flashback.

After joining Chinmaya Vidyalaya,  Aarush meet Aachankya, the most beautiful girl in his class (may be in school as well). Even though Aarush is handsome and brilliant student, he is very shy and reluctant to meet and talk with girls. His style has attracted Aachankya and she is trying to woo him. Finally, Aarush fall in love with her and their love getting strong and hard-day at school and night over phone.

Then, most of the story is happening over mobile and telephone conversation.  This makes reader little bit suffocation sometime. Some faces like parents of both lovers, their kith and kin etc. are coming and going in-between but not have any major role in the plot.

Their love affair grows at school and hostel.  Aachankya’s  hide and seek play with parents to contact her lover over phone, going to café, chatting and expressing ‘I love you’, missing in college holidays, usual contentions in between etc. making strong relation between the two.

But one day, things will change; drastically change and it bring the reader to stick with the pages of the book until the end.

The story ends at the same point it start ‘ …… I am left with nothing !’.

You can read this book like a short story.  Writer is only depicting the love of a boy and girl in their college days and later the pain of broken love. The major negative I felt is writer is concentrating the love of Aarush and Aachankya but not other stuffs. Some chapters are simply mobile conversations and the feelings of both lovers.

If you are going for a travel, I suggest this book to read on your journey. Just readings for time pass or like watching a movie or love scene in a movie.

It may be interesting to youth, because I believe most of the incidents depicting in this book are part of writer’s life itself. The attraction of this book is the modest style of writing. Writer is expressing his feelings in a simple manner without any linguistic acrobatics. Unlike other love stories; there is no villain here, villain and hero are both lovers.

Now after conclusion of my reading, I can tell my spouse the epitome of this book with a slight change in its title itself - In Course of True Reading…. I am left with nothing!

As a debut book of a growing writer, Sanjeev Ranjan’s attempt not disappointing his readers.

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