Wednesday, October 2, 2013


It was the same day of M.K Gandhi, father of our nation born. In India, schools and offices are closed and nation is celebrating the birthday of Bapu the god of Non-violence and Sathyagraha.

An enormous sound of Emirates flight which is passing over my flat at Hor Al Anz had been awakening me from the sleep at early morning. The murmuring of my mind never thought that the same eardrum is soon going to hear a heart breaking sound of an SMS from my mobile !

On the way from my flat to Abu Baker Al Siddique Metro Station, I was thinking about the Gandhi Jayanthi day celebration in my school days. A great nostalgic vibration passed through my veins and paved the way to think  about next vacation. The days of  ‘Sevanavaram’ we pupil clean the premesis of school under the guidance of teachers and, sing songs ‘Vande Matharam’,  ‘Vaishnava Janatho..’ etc and later, we will get the sweetness of flattened rice from school and comeback to home like warriors.

Swiftly, a vibration with a single bell urged my right hand to swim inside of my pants pocket to find the mobile. It was a one line SMS from Rahul….. ‘our Vijay sir is not with us’ !!

From that echo, it had taken few minutes to get my mind back  in track and due to imbalance of mind, I desired to sit somewhere. Walked towards the Metro station and taken a seat inside the waiting area. Dubai Metro’s air conditioned atmosphere was unable to formulate cool to my heat after that SMS.

‘I can’t believe’
Again and again my eyes flickered and stared on the same SMS. This is first time in my life an SMS making my mind painful and more painful.

Why a bereave making my veins extra throbbing? I asked myself many times. Still today, I cannot find a meaningful solution for this question and still getting some feeling-full friction so far.

He is person with full of enthusiasm and vibrant leadership. He paved a way of dedication for us. He talked like a brother, sometimes like friend and enjoyed happiness by sharing his feelings with his friends. Many times we have hot arguments in the arena of work, but later he will talk like a melting ice or butter. The lesson and spirit he set for his team is still inevitable and unable to fill that gap.

Before leaving to India for treatment, he talked more about his future plan. He explained me how to settle an expatriate and methods he is going to implement after this vacation. But, it was like a painting in water. Still it is a dream and still it is a plan. Now, he is no more in the world to speak to us to plan his settlement. His presence is not here to crack the jokes again and makes our faces smile.

Year passed. But that face is blinking, smiling, joking, jerking and sometimes appearing in in the darkness before sleep embracing the eye lids.

Waves never stop, breeze never end, one seasons gives way to another season. Yes, memories will fade but some memories never fade and never end.

The stars are blinking in the night; it is true and sure some stars may be good souls. 
Remembering my colleague Vijay Kumar who passed away in 02/10/2012

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  1. Rest in peace. You will be missed and remain in our hearts.