Wednesday, March 13, 2013

MBA - Petals of Revenge

Impossible is the word only found in the dictionary of a fool”
The word of Napoleon is all time favorite for him.  We are keep on making records – the success over the impossible.

When he moved mouse to the result section of University, curiosity transformed as a vibration and conceded through his hands! Backside of the opened eye lids, retina cells enlarged like watching an unbelievable stuff.

*****                           *****                    *****    
It was a rainy day. Unexpected downpour! Due to the lack of any preparation for rain, the echo of curses surrounded in the air!

The setback of a big fail in his life engraving the path for bitter water from eyes to mouth. It is not sour, but hard and bitter and passing from lips to mouth. In the darkness, some black monsters are laming to embrace him forcefully!
“ I never thought he is a fool…”
“These guys are going to school not for study, just wasting time and money, that’s all.. Stupid”

There is lot of words to decorate him. The Monster words are dancing in front along with the whiz of rain.

There was no hope in mind when he went to school to check the result of plus two final  exam.  His plus two schoolwork was flow less like the water in the nearest river. He never studied seriously- it was a futile attempt. His great ambition was to go to Arts School to learn  painting – a great passion.  It is not only a passion but also a dream….. be a good painter. The world of brush, colours  and touching of nature …. all these are pampering the mind from childhood.

But when he seen the tiny black figures in notice board, suddenly something paralyzed his mind. Like getting a bang from back with a heavy hammer.  In receipt of  that attack;  he seen his classmates are jumping and dancing over their victory.

Mentally punctured legs are not suitable to walk. It is really an unexpected setback for him. How things changing swiftly and drastically?! A different feeling which never peeped to his studies!! But he reached home.

The verbal and mental attack got from kith and kin now paved the way for bitter water to  his mouth. The black Monsters are dancing in front of his eyes. It usurping  to mind as well. Where is the solution? How to tackle and resolve this bitterness? In front of others, he is a “fool”, a  “useless”  and then “stupid”. A shameless boy !

Before all these monsters, in the early stage of morning he took a decision. A vow of Bhishma crafted in mind from the sorrow of bitter water. Yes, he want to revenge this world. He wants to revenge the Monsters. A hard revenge until the end of that twittering. There is no rest from next dawn…. A door of hard work opening. And lot of hurdles to overcome. Life need to be changed as a sonorous avenge. He tightly closed eyes-not for sleep but for the beginning of a brand new dawn.

*****                           *****                                       *****                           ******
Files, files and again files.  Work without any rest to eyes, mind and hands. Restless assignments. Somebody calls this ‘busy’ but he like to call ‘mad’. Reports, letters, emails, presentations, telephone and mobiles calls, grievances from every nook and corners and eventually speedy fingers fighting with the keyboard of computer.

It is now twenty years passed after that hard decision. Experiments…. hurdles …. troubles…. And the long journey of an expatriate from the top of mountain to the softness of sea bed. Long and hard twenty years.

The fire of revenge is still in his mind. Like a cinder covered with ashes.  A soft breeze is enough to remove the covering.

All books of first semester are lying in front of him. Management Concept, Organization Behavior, Quantitative Methods, Financial Accounting, Managerial Economics. How to start? There is not much hindrances faced  previously and completed all without much hassle.  But now, in between this ‘busy’ and ‘mad’ world??

Yes, it is an oath, revenge. Still remember the black Monsters  are dancing in front in different phases of night. “ Hey, I want to defeat you all. This is another opportunity for an absolute carnage…”

One by one, the semesters fall down. Twenty one papers, trip to home country, the  devotion and penance for examinations.  Loneliness in the dark hotel room at city….. taste of chlorine water, reading  without sleep, unconditional process of writing from morning to evening …. thirty to forty pages for each papers. But mind is not fall down…. not failed. The burning inside passed through the hands like electrons. Continuously, again and again without any break.

Evening, with a tired body, inside the nearest church he crossed fingers - short and quite for mind.

All semesters completed. But three papers yet to pass. The hurdles are more. Getting leave, handing over, family……  the hue and cry of mental fertility. Three papers between cup and lip!  

It is not a big impediment. Every year thousands are passing. But for him, it is not mere a course -it is an oath. A burning decision towards himself, for the lazy school days.

Three papers….  Again traveling to home country, hotel room, hermit life at city.

Christmas day evening. In the middle of  celebrations, weeping face of his daughter making vibrations throughout the journey. Four eyes, one ‘bye’ wrapped with set of feelings.

A topsy-turvy journey ended with the futile planning. He already booked a hotel room near to the exam centre. But as the last bus also left, he has to forced to stay in a lodge near to bus station.

A black night. The foul smell, irritating sound of old fan, the songs of mosquitoes…. Acrobatics of cockroaches embracing to legs.  Stain filled bathroom. Hence the sleep is long far from mind and body, he spent entire night by reading the chapters of text.

Called wife and passed the message  “ I reached here….. nice stay. Good night”

Three  examinations…. three days…..  

Again few days with family, the play with daughter and eventually thee tearful eyes  saying ‘good bye’. The humming and swimming of flight in between the clouds- day and night.

*****                           *****                                       *****                           ******
He typed the register number and selected the name of course in the green website of University, then clicked the ‘Result

Obliviously,  his eyes waiting few seconds. The result of three years dedication. One moment is fully loaded  with feelings and unlimited expectations.

The result! The result of three years ascetic life. Appearing  in black colour but poured all colours to his mind!

Like a lotus in blue pond, Facebook comments and likes are increased more than hundreds within couple of days; which makes an immense sigh in his mind and the ticking to heart so far.

He got a diminutive smile…. But it is not coming out, because the black Monsters are still around!!  But now ….  at this moment, he defeated them once again! One more avenge!

Then the rave  “ Let us see in next arena….. soon… very soon”

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